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  1. Stock trade and transfer services

  2. Annual tax and wealth certificate issuance

  3. Convenient online trading platform with panel broking and margin facility

Shanta Securities Limited
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Investing in the capital market can offer several benefits and opportunities for individuals and institutions to diversify their portfolios and generate more.

Engage in the stock market with Shanta Securities, your trusted brokerage house. Explore the exciting realm of stock trade using our cutting-edge trading platform - Shanta EasyTrade. Diversify your portfolio, seize growth opportunities, and ensure long-term wealth growth with the guidance of our top-notch researchers. Act now, and consult with our experts to make informed investment decisions.

Our complete lineup of financial products

Rest assured that your investments are in safe hands with our team of experts and a track record that speaks for itself.


IPO investment for primary market presence is easier with us.



Invest capital to buy/sell securities without relying on margin.

Trading Account


Enhance trading possibilities with our margin-enabled facilities.

Margin Facilities

What to expect with your partnership with Shanta Securities Limited

  • We put our client's interest’s first and aspire to be a reliable and flexible partner focused on clients' needs
  • We facilitate our clients' best investment decisions by considering their requirements
  • We are committed to providing the best service at a competitive price while maintaining high ethical standards
  • We strive to support our clients to realize their goals against the backdrop of constant changes within our industry
  • We provide seamless solutions with our integrated sales team, intuitive research, ethical trading, and efficient service
Shanta Securities Limited

Seamless stock trade on the go with the Shanta EasyTrade trading app

Discover boundless possibilities through Shanta EasyTrade's advanced trading platform in Bangladesh - real-time data, customizable portfolios, and empowering informed decisions to maximize your returns.

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  • Shanta Securities Limited
Shanta Securities Limited
Shanta Securities Limited

Uncover missed opportunities with Investment Calculator

Start optimizing your financial future today with our investment calculator and discover potential earnings from earlier capital market investments.

Shanta Securities Limited





Investing in the capital market can offer several benefits and opportunities for individuals and institutions like portfolio diversification and income generation.

Start investing with Shanta Securities Limited today and unlock the potential for long-term wealth growth. Diversify your portfolio, capitalize on growth opportunities, and secure your financial future with the assistance of the best researchers in the town. Take action now and consult with experts to make informed investment decisions.

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Shanta Securities Limited
I feel very assured with Shanta Securities because of their strong ethical practices, transparency, and professional dealing with clients. All in all, I feel at home with Shanta Securities.

Md. Kamruzzaman


Shanta Securities Limited

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